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The color factory

The main strength of the company – who is ISO 9001 certified – is represented by its ability to provide a full service, from original idea to finished product, guaranteeing the use of cutting-edge technologies, maximum safety and extremely high quality standards in all stages of production.

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The lab, the beating heart of the company.

Product formulations

Permanent colors

1:1,5 Perfect

a defect-free color, the one that every hair colorist would like to use, ensuring a perfect balance between color accent and coverage, as well as a highly-effective cosmetic action on hair.

1:1 Beauty

a simple cream, in both dilution and use.

1:2 Double

the highly-concentrated ingredients make this blend an ideal choice to achieve intensity of color, while ensuring maximum coverage and lasting results.

Tone-on-tone colors

1:2 Delight

an ultra-delicate formulation, allowing to cover white hair without using traditional permanent colors, adding softness and shine to the hair, while ensuring a delicate and well-balanced color result.

Sensitive Dye

1:1 Total Zero

this revolutionary technology, using no ammonia or p-phenylenediamine, allows to achieve identical results to traditional permanent colors, ensuring maximum care of both hair and scalp.

Top seller

Color 1:1,5

  • A soft and compact cream, that is easy to apply and rinse; does not stain the scalp, does not drip, does not cause irritation
  • Reliable, impeccable, long lasting color
  • Perfect coverage of white hair
  • Perfect, truthful and vibrant nuances, with a natural effect
  • A well-calibrated ammonia content, to reduce stress on the hair
  • A delicate fragrance on the hair
  • A formulation with a highly-effective cosmetic action, rich in active ingredients
  • Dilution ratio 1:1.5

Color chart

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Catalogue with over 220 nuances

Icon cartella colori

Endless color range, thanks to the possibility of creating new colors by mixing existing nuances

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Endless range of additional tones