• The formulation process


Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis

Our research starts from the market: we collect feedback from our Clients, we study industry trends, we analyze international competition, we liaise constantly with the world of beauty and we only offer up-to-the-minute, state-of-the-art products, with formulations designed to respond to an ever-evolving demand in real time.

Brief di progetto

Project brief : required product performances

Starting from our research work and marketing analysis, we then prepare a project brief, indicating the required product performances for the specific formulation

Formulazione e campionatura

Lab: formulation and sample preparation

The lab interprets the requirements identified by the marketing department, singles out the active ingredients, molecules and fragrances needed to achieve the objectives set and prepares the formulation samples.


Technical center: testing of formulations

In our technical center, the samples undergo as many as 10 different tests and only if they pass them all are they then presented to the Client.

Samples sent to client for approval

Samples are sent to the Client for external testing and final approval

The Lab

In a business like ours, requiring continuous development and manufacturing of increasingly advanced cosmetic formulations, the lab is the beating heart of the company. Over the years, our product development technologists have been able to acquire specific formulation skills, as well as an in-depth knowledge of all raw materials. They can also count on a fully-equipped lab, relying on all the instruments required for the development and initial industrialization of product formulations. As well as agitators, weighing equipment, extractors, hot plates, pH-meters, viscometers, centrifuges and ovens, a turbo mixer is also available, allowing to design the processing method in detail and obtain a number of samples to be used in stability and other testing activities, offering an initial simulation of industrial production conditions

The selection process

The lab is also the place where the active ingredients and fragrances to be used for the purpose of characterizing and/or enriching formulations are selected, in cooperation with chosen partners and suppliers. Scents are selected very carefully, in line with the pace and trends seen in the fashion and alcoholic perfumery industries. Essences are then turned into fragrances for the cosmetic industry, each one being associated with a specific product positioning, always making sure that fragrance stability is guaranteed in relation to the specific formulation.
We rely on a true and proper olfactory marketing plan to eventually select the final formulations and fragrances to be submitted to the Client, who will then choose the combinations that best meet their requirements.

Olfactory marketing

During the laboratory formulation process, particular care is placed on the selection of fragrances that are suitable for the specific type of product, target market and packaging, in line with the so-called sell with smell philosophy, according to which smell is the least stimulated and most instinctual of the senses. Indeed, information obtained through the sense of smell does not go through rational filters but goes straight to the brain, loaded with emotions.
Olfactory marketing – which we have chosen to adopt - is part of experiential marketing, taking into consideration different elements than traditional marketing, such as hedonistic value, symbolic value and awoken feelings.

Regulatory compliance

All Clients who distribute or market cosmetics know how important it is to ensure consumer safety and protection. Regulatory compliance is a key factor in choosing a manufacturer, as it is not only an ethical, but also a legal requirement, including on a criminal level. From this perspective, CTL can assure maximum safety, as its lab is able to manage internally and completely independently all aspects related to regulatory compliance, including the production of the necessary documents (such as the PIF), certifying full conformity with all applicable legal requirements.

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